The New Roaster

So what have you asked Santa for this Christmas ? A new bike, a board game ? A new roaster.

Well I asked farther christmas for a new roaster and this is what he is bringing me.

Probat g60

Still in the final throws of repair and rebuild but it will be with us before christmas which is very exciting

Probat g60

In true has bean fashion red is important.

If you want to see the rest of the photos take a look here

In association with our Webhosts Nublue we are offering you a chance to name the roaster and win a voucher with us via their advent calendar

All you have to do is add your comment below with the name you suggest and our panel of expert judges (me, Andy, and Roland) will sit down and choose our favourite name, and fame and fourtune will be yours.

219 thoughts on “The New Roaster”

  1. It looks like something from ‘Thomas the Tank Engine’ so perhaps it needs to be called ‘Thomas’. On the other hand, it has such a cheeky smile…. perhaps it dhouls be called ‘Cheeky Thomas’?

  2. In the spirit of the season and as it has some red on it (albeit not its ‘nose’), I say “Rudolph Roaster” :O)

  3. The Boaster. He’s a bean roaster, he’s the best, and he knows it! (yeah, it’s a ‘he’ to me)

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