The football day

So my big day came and went. It was for sure one of my best days ever 90 minutes at the Stadium of Light. It started with a really early car journey of 200 miles. On the way a blow out on my back tyre but all was well. Me

I was never a great footballer my head was always better than my feet. But on the day I had one of my best games ever, set up our first goal and scored (yes that’s right SCORED) our second. I picked it up on the half way line and ran, and they back off so I ran some more into the area into the box and thought I’ll have a go into the top left-hand corner. At first I couldn’t believe it then I ran all the way to the half way line pointing to my son sitting in the directors area going “that’s yours son that’s yours” at the top of my voice.

I'm the dangerman

The second half the professional that plays on each side for the opposition didn’t like the way we dominated them so scored two goals. Then they get a third so with 5 min’s to go three two down. Luckily we get a third to draw three three. So undefeated at the stadium of light and scored on my debut not a bad day.


I feel like I've won

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  1. I didn’t realise you were a dirty Makem. You’ve gone down in my estimations Steve

    You should have given me a buzz, I’d have popped down to watch your wonder Performance. You could have popped in and had a nebb around the factory too.

    Are you down at Caffe Culture? Would be good to meet up if your agreeable.


  2. Cheers Lukas

    Thanks Stuart, I’m afraid my maken curse is something I’ve had to learn to live with, family originally from there, so you don’t have a choice.

    It was all a little rushed on the day, drove there and back on the same day over four hundred miles and playing a game didn’t leave me much in the tank, but I go up fairly often so I’d love to arrange to come spend some time with you and see the set up.

    Cafe Culture after last year I’ll be missing, I’m not a fan of trade shows it must be said. I only attend those I feel I must, and I’ve been rushing around far too much recently. But we must arrange to meet some time soon.

    thanks for the comments.

  3. Defiantly, give me a buzz when you’re planning your next trip up! You can ring work and ask for Stuart Lee (The old Boy is a Stuart Archer as well), I’ll not leave the number here but I’ll leave it up to your detective skills to find out

    Cheers Steve, and again I’m sorry about your Makem Plight. Plenty of Derbys next season anyway. Might be able to get you a ticket for St James as long you look inconspicuous


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