"The Coffee Experts" LOL!

Kenco AdThere is an advert on UK tv from Kenco (owned by Kraft) the self proclaimed “coffee experts”.  Now I normally ignore these ads but I find this one nearly offensive and incredibly misleading. From the advert its showing a colonial style of gap year student, telling the locals they have got it wrong sending the good quality “arabica” for the instant coffee, like it gets decided at origin.

And the most annoying thing is the roasted beans at origin in the sacks waiting to go to make that great “arabica” instant coffee. Every time I see it I reach for the sick bag. And I wonder why as a coffee drinking nation we accept such poor quality coffee, when this rubbish is put out to set up a whole world of misconceptions.

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  1. I think the reason the nation so love ‘Instant’ is just that. It is instant, no hassle and cheap. We are a consumer driven society that longs for the credible/savvy and cool image as portryed in the ad, yet want it in the quickest, cheapest way possible. We have disussed this time and time again on TMC and it will be a neverending disussion.

    This advert sells an image that the people of this country lap up time and time again.

    I can never see a day to be honest where a large section of society appreciate real fine coffee. Maybe I am too cynical. I think that there is a great groundswell of interest in coffee, but it is spearheaded by the likes of those who put out drivel like this. So as a result the true quality will never get through.

    Rant Over for now. 🙂


  2. Hi Steve,

    I thought I didn’t like coffee for years because I drank instant coffee – I had to put milk and sugar in it just to make it drinkable. In the end I found that if I used enough milk and sugar it was OK!!

    But in effect that is a totally different drink – a nice, sweet, milky drink (like Ovaltine!) – but its not proper coffee.

    Now I drink proper coffee (inspired by the CoffeeGeek podcast and finding Hasbean on the web) I don’t touch instant – ever! But I am guessing that many people are quite happy with the coffee-flavoured sweet milk that I used to drink. I doubt whether they care if the beans are robusta or arabica, so I’m sure the advert wont do much good even if it is annoying!



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