The artist formally known as Quebradon

The coffee that we have stocked for many years now called quebradon. has had to change its name. Its new crop but its the same coffee from the very same farmers, but due to some legal reasons over who owns the name its now called Agua Azul

Quebradon Coffee Farmer.jpeg

The name Agua Azul GAQ650 is taken from the local water source and also underlines our commitment to reward the farmers with a very fair and equitable price for their finest coffee. The name Agua Azul meaning ‘blue water’ is taken from the main water source which has its source in Palestina and which then flows down and throughout the many other veredas (meaning ‘villages’).

We also guarantee to pay to the group a net amount of 650,000 Colombian pesos per carga (equivalent to 125kg of parchment). This price is far in excess of the price paid on the internal Colombian market and also well above the guaranteed Fairtrade price. In the blend this brings butterscotch like flavour with a medium body and high acidity, resulting in a very special cup.

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  1. Steve, you are a freakin legend for posting stuff like this! Transparency like this that cuts through all the complexities of the coffee trade is revolutionary. I can see a picture of who has grown the coffee Im drinking and how much they are getting for it. It takes genius to make something so complicated look so easy! Nice!

  2. Wow thanks James your too kind. Kind of make sense as this is what I’d want to know so just really doing what I’d buy. Add to it that its also great coffee its a win win and win situation.

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