Tamper Tantrum Update

I know I’ve talked about this here before but one more post on this months Tamper tantrum but I need a push.

Like with in my mug tamper tantrum has got stuck at number two in the podcast charts. This is worked out by subscribers to the podcast and put you up the chart the more you have on a day.

Were currently in second place (just like it was with in my mug) so a push of people subscribing might push us over. The links are below for those who like itunes and want to help us beat Jamie Oliver who has been number 1 forever in this chart.

Click me to subscribe to Tamper Tantrum in ITunes

Picture 5.png

We were also number 7 in the arts category (which is a lot of casts) so I’m really proud of that.

also if you want to help In My Mug

Click me to subscribe to In My Mug in ITunes

Will stop going on about it and bring you some quality content now 🙂

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