Tamper Tantrum Live…….. The videos #TTLive

This was fun, we enjoyed, lots of our friends watched and we thought it was jolly good fun. Then a few months back the same famous Colin Harmon suggested we should do the same kind of thing but in a live version.

Now my job at this point was to tell him what an idiot he is and that would be a crazy thing to do. But I was weak, and thought the chance to bring lots of our friends together to talk in a TED style (20 mins presentation on anything you want to do in this case the field of coffee) no guidelines no rules, would be so much fun, so thats exactly what we did.

So we went about making it happen, and happen it did. The event sold out – people paid money for tickets to come see us all talk and came from all around the world. We had visitors from Russia, Germany, Australia (okay the Australian was on holiday in London at the time but still it counts).

The idea of this (and we hope future events) is to build up a library of talks to do with coffee. A one-stop shop to see 20 minute talks on all sorts.

We were thinking the best way to collate these is to use the normal channels we do for Tamper Tantrum (itunes subscription which is free and sticks it on youripod/ipad/iphone device). We also have the website where the videos are embedded.

But I had a dream about an app for the iPhone / iPad where you can dive into the library of talks and see them at will, even one day them being searchable for the topic you want.

Well it’s here and you can download it from here: the tamper tantrum app. There is no android version, but if anyone wants to build me one for free I’m all up for that :) . Seriously we hope to have a droid version at some point in the future, but I am relying on good will for this.

Let me know your thoughts, and in the mean time here is the first video from Tamper Tantrum Live see below). There are others to follow, next up will be James Hoffman.

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