Tamper Tantrum LIVE!!!!

A while since the last post, I’ve turned into the blogger I never wanted to become.

But this is huge news that has me very very excited and makes me want to blog.

Some of you may have seen the video blog we do called Tamper Tantrum with my esteemed colleague and friend Mr. Colin Harmon on coffee industry type things. A few months back during a recording Colin had the great idea that we should do an event where people are given 20 minutes to talk about any coffee related topic. Nothing too geeky, everything possible. No dumbing down, for an audience of 100 people and a web streaming audience across the world, but also build a library of these talks so anyone can access them when ever they want.

Seemed crazy at the time but we asked our coffee mates if they would like to and they said yes. The venue will be Twisted Pepper in Middle Abbey Street in Dublin (home of 3FE coffee and Colin), and flights are so cheap there is no excuse for anyone in Europe to make the trip (home of Ryanair does have its advantages) the line-up is as follows

David Walsh, Marco twice Irish Cup Tasting Champion, Ireland

Cosimo Libardo, Nuova Simonelli Espresso Machines Italy

Paul Stack, Marco Ireland

Gwilym Davies, Prufrock Coffee, World Barista Champion UK

James Hoffmann, Square Mile Coffee Roasters, World Barista Champion UK

Colin Harmon, 3FE Coffee, two time Irish Barista Champion, Ireland

Steve Leighton, Hasbean/3FE Coffee UK

Each will have 20 minutes to talk on a topic of their choosing, on what ever they want to do with coffee into as much detail as they want. The only limitations are the 20 minutes.

We will also do a live Tamper Tantrum on stage at the end and invite some of the guests up to do a Q & A type session, all part of the fun.

I think that this will not only be useful for industry folk but also a great chance to learn more as a home user. There will be lots of folks around to ask questions and learn from. And if nothing else a great chance to visit the lovely city of Dublin.

Tickets are €20 each and can be purchased online here and will fill you in with any other details as they happen!

I look forward to seeing you there.

Ohhh yes we just recorded a new one too

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  1. I like this episode so much. I was so excited, that I stoped watching it and get a 20 min watch on Jamie Oliver and than going on TT, after 10 min later I was booking my flight und buying the ticket. Oh man, I don’t now what was going on. Love it

  2. I’m going to stage a dirty protest.

  3. I do have experiance at cleaning these up from two of my previous jobs so bring it on Walsh 🙂 In fact please don’t.

  4. Any recommendations for a cheap hotel?

  5. Hi Ed,

    I booked a bed at the Times Hostel – College Street

    Very cheap and near by 3FE

    Best wishes


    P.s. C u there

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