Tamper Tantrum Line up for Nice

Some of you may know I do this project with my buddy Colin Harmon called tamper tantrum. A chance for coffee professionals to come together to talk about coffee stuff.

This year were hosting the event at the World of Coffee event in Nice France, and we announced our line up last night.

Tamper Tantrum Live

Tamper Tantrum Live

We did the same last year, but lost all the video. But I have been turning them all into audio podcasts and will be releasing them on the run up to the Nice event. I hope you get a chance to listen to some of them.

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  1. Tamper Tantrum to introduce a platform for their constant bickering and brainstorming. It has reached a worldwide audience and inspired the live events which have attracted international speakers of an incredibly high standing in the coffee industry. The clever stuff is done by Jenn Rugolo behind the scenes and with the help of World Coffee Events. Tamper Tantrum hope to spread the word, ruffle some feathers and cool down over a few beers.

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