Tamper Tantrum

A lot of the reason I’ve been not so active blogging (I know I’m in fits and spurts) is I’ve ben working on a new video project. Different from the In My Mug programs I’ve been doing this is a collaboration with the Irish Barista Champion 2009 and WBC finalist Colin Harmon.

Once a month we hope to pump out an episode (and beware they will be long) on all things coffee. A little bit of industry a little bit of fun, a little bit of learning (mainly for us).

Its a little raw, and we do plan to change it improve it, but we thought lets throw an episode out there for people to rip apart, so please do.

Mostly its about two mate’s getting together and talking coffee, good fun and your invited to watch in. Please let us know what you think.

You can view it here (or below) and you can subscribe via Itunes here.

I do hope you enjoy it, I can tell you we had great fun making it.

Tamper Tantrum

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  1. It was good fun to watch, reminded me of the Portafilter days. I think your on to a winner.

  2. Absolutely brilliant guys, I’ve no idea how you manage to stay so natural in front of a camera. It sounds strange but I actually felt like I was part of the conversation with the way you both kept looking towards the camera.

    Keep up the good work, I hope there are many more to come!!


  3. This is great stuff. i did only manage to watch about 45 minutes though, 74 was just too much. This was almost ‘Has bean – the movie’.

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