Talk Like a Pirate Blend

You land lubbers, wheres your sea legs you old dogs !!!!

Cant keep that up but welcome to the 9th version of the guest blends for 2013. This month in appreciation of Talk Like a pirate day we a blend to celebrate it. You also get your own has bean tattoo. With a chance to win an in my mug tshirt take a look at the video here

The blend, well let me hand you over to pirate Steve to tell you about that.


Available Roasted Beans Only and not for Land Lovers

This be t’ 9th in a new line o’ guest coffee blends that we be introducin’ in 2013. Each month thar will be a new blend, for which thar will be an original label in a different style o’ bag, and o’ which thar will only be 500 made..

In t’ cup think unbalanced, off-the-wall experiments that be tasty but never normal, and be always a bit unusual and pushin’ t’ boundaries.

We have also decided t’ name them with equally appropriate unusual-ness. In honour o’ talk like a pirate day in September this little number will shiver your timbers, along with its very own pirate tattoo.

In t’ cup this be boozy, grog and rum driven, with a little kick o’ liquorice and jolly Roger, and a hint o’ pirate spice

ARRRGGGGGGHH me hearty’s down in one I say

70% Sumatra Wahana Natural
30% El Salvador Finca Argentina Fincona 1 Catimor Natural



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