New in my mug

Just a very quick post to let you know the latest in my mug is up at

I’m really proud of this one its a 20 min first part of an interview
with two of the brothers from La Perla in Guatemala. Its the best so far as it has less of me talking and that’s got to be a good thing. I found it really interesting I hope you do to, let me know what you thoughts.

Meet Up More Places

Just for your info I’ve raised the amount of people to come to the meet up as possibles take away from those who can come, its a big
place any way 🙂 We reached 20 so thought I would extend it. If you
have said maybe, could you firm up the plans for me just so we can plan
on numbers.

Have a look at the link here

I also have a fun idea for the next one in March more to come
once I’m back.

I’ve also just posted a new in my mug mini at the link
shortest ever at under 2 mins