Some of you may have heard of the UKBC, some of you may not…for those who don’t know what I’m typing about UKBC stands for the United Kingdom Barista Championship and once a year the top baristas in the country compete to be crowned #1 in the UK! The lucky, skilled and amazing individual that takes that #1 spot then represents the UK at the World Barista Championships and fights against other #1 seeds from around the world to take home the title of best barista in the world!

If you already knew what the letters UKBC meant then it’s more than likely that you know the name Dale Harris : ) Dale is my Director of Wholesale here at Has Bean and loves few things in life more than barista competitions. The UKBC regional heats finished in Bristol last week (after heats in London and Glasgow over the previous weeks) and I think here a picture will speak a thousand (or maybe 607 words)…









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Those are the results of all competitors after the 3 regional heats and as you can see Dale is right up there at the top! OH MY DAYS WELL DONE DALE! Not only did he take top spot on the day but he was also awarded best espresso and best milk drink for the Midlands heat : D

“Hey Steve! #1 place wow! Best espresso and best milk drink too! What coffee was Dale using?” I hear you ask? “CAN I HAVE SOME?!”

Well my friends yes, yes indeed you can! All you need to do is click a link!

A coffee we originally found via the El Salvador Cup of Excellence but this time went direct to the farm and I’m so incredibly happy that we did : ) Dale used this coffee and this coffee alone for his routine and produced espressos and milk drinks that were considered to be the very best of the day, if you can’t make it taste amazing then it’s definitely you not me ; )

As a special little treat so you can try this amazingly delicious coffee I’ve decided to be really nice and offer a bit of a discount, pop the code “superdale” into the discount code box when checking out + click apply and it’ll knock 15% off the price of the coffee.

The UKBC finals will be held at the London Coffee Festival in April, I’ll be there cheering Dale on and I hope some of you can make it down to London to join me : )







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  1. Go Dale! Right, I’m ordering some of that! Love the back story, and the old photo of Harry Butter (cool name too). I doubt I’ll taste quite as good as it does when Dale makes it though ;-).

  2. Amazing! Congratulations Dale! It’s quite a feat to get to the finals so he should be really proud no matter the outcome of the final. Great choice of coffee though, it’s an intense, full bodied natural coffee that has incredible body and a resonant finish, really distinctive. I’m sure Dale pays it full justice!

  3. Has this sold out now?

  4. Afraid so Ben, sorry 🙁

  5. It’s pretty cool that Dale made the very best drinks of the day, and even more crazy that if he goes on to win the UKBC finals he could end up representing the UK at the World Barista Championships! I’m absolutely gutted that this has now sold out though, I’d really love to get my hands on some.

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