Strange Things is Coffee Sacks

I’ve found some very strange things in coffee sacks since we started roasting. The usual Nails, bricks and general sticks and rubble are rare but occasional. The weirdest thing I had found prior to this was some ones Medication from India ( I do hope they were ok).


But the recent find was amusing, if not strange take a look at the photo below of some spectacles found in a bag of Guatemalan El Bosque. Kind of think you would notice these falling into a sack, but not in Guatemala :).

The strange part is I’ve never found even a pebble in El Bosque, but I’m keeping my eye’s peeled (get it keeping them peeled) for the lens that is missing.

The Glasses are now on my notice board as a mascot of what can be found in sacks of coffee.


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  1. Brilliant!

    You should get that framed!

    (get it… FRAMED)



  2. I’ll raise a glass(es) to that

  3. That’s where they are!!!

  4. Now your making a spectacle of yourself………..sorry I’ll get my coat

  5. Wow! That’s funny! and I would even say it’s a little bit scary he he…

    Cool Blog by the way!

  6. Isn’t it clear to see how silly these jokes are? 😉

  7. I’d be keeping my eyes more peeled for the head they came off *-)


  8. You have to focus hard to find the missing lens

  9. Hi there, I am keen to try and locate some coffee sacks to recycle and use to design some new and innovative products.

    Can you suggest where I might be able to contact someone in order to collect or purchase used coffee sacks?

    Appreciate any guidance you may be able to give me?

    Kind Regards
    Duncan Butler

  10. We re use ours for packing I’m afraid, but any coffee roaster normally has lots left over.

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