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I’m a lucky boy, I have a great job where i get to try some of the best coffee’s from around the world. But there is part of me that misses the little packs I used to get with friends from Tom at Sweet Maria’s. Tom is in the US and has some great coffees, I mean really great coffees. He is a bit of a hero to me, and I love what he does.

A good friend of mine (thanks Hugh) sent me some coffee he got recently from Tom. I’m not too sure if I should thank him as his words were “I cant drink any more of it”. Its called Indian Anohki (liberica) and its a new funky varietal.


I roasted it and I think I took it a bit to dark (I know I can roast dark too). Its the most strangest coffee smell I’v ever experienced. A cross between farm yard and sewage plant, you really have to smell it to believe it.

I’ve drunk some really good red wines that were farm yard like and this isn’t necessarily a bad taste, its very distinctive. This one was WOW wild, all over the map each sip gave you something different. Think yemen crossed with farm yard, crossed with funky kona spice, crossed with (the list could go on).

A very unusual coffee for sure, and I’m not sure if I like it or don’t but I’m pleased I’ve tried it.

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  1. Coffea Liberica is very unusual, I’ve never heard of anyone drinking it outside producing countries. Probably because it doesn’t taste that well 🙂

  2. hi,
    I live in India, and I had read about the same when Tom had received the parcel from India. However I tried to ask the the roasters(Finca Specialty Coffee, New Delhi), if they had ever heard about the coffee varietal . The answer was no.
    However Tom had asked for the comments from the people who had tried this coffee, which I think very few have. It seems that this liberica is as intriguing as India was for Mark Twain.
    It is a pleasure to read your posts, and the envy grows in to know that you have access to some of the greatest coffee and coffee moments , which due to the trade and commerce policy of our country we are not entitled to.

  3. Baz it was unique and I kind of like it for what it was, I’m hankering for a little more, a bit like when you start drinking alcohol. i know when I was younger I wasn’t so keen on the taste (boy have I’m making up for that now). I wonder if it’s a taste I could get used to.

    Abhishek, I didn’t realize quite how rare it really is, thanks for your kind words.

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