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Another Varietal post this time on the much love SL 28 which is commonly found in Africa and primarily in Kenya, although lots of work is being done in other countries to see how this varietal might work, in different circumstances and climates.

I’ve found it quite hard to find out lots about this, so if any clever people want to add, please drop me an email, as I’d love to know more.

Varietal: SL28

Related to: Bourbon

Origin: Kenya

Grows best at: 1000meters or above

Type: Bourbon hybrid

Prevalent in: Kenya

Predominant Colour: Red

Fruit size: Medium

Leaf Characteristics: Large

Botany: Heirloom

A hybrid of Bourbon and heirloom Ethiopian varietals developed by the Scottish Labs (during colonial years) which did lots work on varietals in the 1930’s. Very typical of Kenya where it was introduced although there have been lots of experimental plantings in central south amercia, by those wanting to experiment.

Fairly open to leaf rust and pest, its not a high yielding plant. But the quality of the cup is often high, and some of the most treasured cups.

Links: Bourbon

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  1. have forwarded your blog to someone in Zimbabwe who might be able to answer your questions about SL28. we used to farm this coffee on our farm Chihosa back in the 80’s and 90’s before bad times. hopefully he can answer your questions.

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