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A quick foray into an “industry-focussed” topic, please indulge me!

Its rare for me to do this, but this post is purely an industry post for our customers who are independent coffee shops. I know lots who read here are home users, and I promise a blog post for you in the near future, but for just this once let me indulge myself to my industry friends.

It’s our goal to offer our customers, wholesale and retail, the biggest variety of quality coffee available anywhere in the world – that sounds tough and it is!

When I visit origin on buying trips I’m working with our producers to secure multiple small lots, with subtle and huge differences in the cup that reflect the diversity that coffee can deliver and to do that I need to be able to promise I’ll buy a good amount of coffee, and pay a good price for it so that makes the extra separation and work worthwhile, and I need to be able to find the market for all these weird and wonderful cups. Over the last 12 months we’ve offered our customers around 160 different lots, from over 60 different farms and producers and sold over 3000 sacks of mind-blowing specialty coffees.

Running a business with different customer types helps us do this – Long term fans of coffees like Cachoeria or Finca Argentina, who clamour for it when it runs out – along with those wholesale accounts who buy Jailbreak or serve the single origin espresso they love as it comes around each year help us build scale to move containers and invest in our producers long term efforts, coffee geeks and businesses offering tasting menus are always after new things and reward the innovation and growth those partners then make happen – because of this we’ve always invested in supporting all these types of customer differently – with product choices for retail customers like subscriptions that offer choice and blends that offer stability and investing in highly skilled staff that provide free training and support for businesses serving our coffee to customers across bars, however they prefer to do it.

For a long time the costs incurred in supporting our wholesale customers this way, and our need to develop the scale that enables buying power to support our goal of variety and choice for all our customers, meant that we tied our wholesale pricing to the commitment to buy that our wholesale customers gave – We offered discounted pricing in return for a commitment that all the coffee those businesses served came form us. Over the last few years, as specialty coffee has exploded, with new roasters and cafes popping up everywhere that business model has been challenged by the rise of the multi-roaster cafe.

It’s taken us a long time to work out how we react to this change without compromising our business, the service we offer our exclusive customers and the way we manage our pricing to keep it approachable for all our customers – The concept of the multi-roaster cafe is truly disruptive in all the business-speak and very real ways and over the last 3 years we’ve just said no to guest accounts, but after a lot of thought and behind the scenes work, we’ve found an approach to accommodate those needs that feels right to us.


If your business rotates coffee from guest roasters or maintains an extra hopper for single origins , HasBean is uniquely suited to help you deliver choice to your customers.

We focus on sourcing the widest range of specialty coffee, offering around 60 unique lots at any one time. Our listings cover a wide range of origins, varieties and processes, as well as various microlots from our partner farms, all roasted carefully and delivered fresh to our customers.

For guest options, we offer a discount on coffee pricing, roasting to order every weekday subject to a 6kg minimum order – just mail with your full name, VAT number and delivery address and we’ll do the rest.



HasBean believes that the best cups of coffee are the result of teamwork between producers, roasters, and brewers, so we invest heavily in developing that team approach with our wholesale clients.

We work on a wide range of projects spanning the breadth of the coffee industry, from sourcing through roasting, brewing and service, all tied to one, unified idea: delicious coffee is an incredible thing. We apply the learnings from our projects as we work in tandem with our wholesale customers to help them make the most of what we can offer.

As well as this, dedicated wholesale customers receive the most competitive discounts from our pricing.

If you’re looking for excellent coffee, professional training and genuine support, drop us a quick mail at and we’ll get in touch to find out more about your needs.

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  1. Hands up if you’re don’t run a coffee business but you still read right to the end of this post & enjoyed it… (my hand is up).

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