Sample Roasters

Sample Roaster

We’ve gone ahead and ordered a handful (and I mean handful) of some gas sample roasters. They are two barrel and will roast as little as 80g and as much as a lb in each barrel, or a profile of around 15mins or so.

We will be selling a limited amount of these, and we don’t know for how much yet, but I guess its going to be around £1400. They will be sold on a as seen basis, as they are not toys and certainly not your average home roaster, and will not have any warranty. So if I haven’t scared you off and your interested, get in touch with me to register an interest in these very limited roasters.

PS ignore the grinder attachment, they are rubbish and we didn’t have them added.

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  1. Hi Steve, have you got one of these for yourself?
    And are you happy w/ it?
    It looks like a Burns/Probat/Jabaz? knockoff?

  2. I’ve got one on order for myself. My only source of info is Tom at Sweet Marias bout some last year, and really liked it.

    I guess there is a design that works with sample roasters, it does look similar. I think the thing that impress’s me is how sturdy they look. I will let people know what I think once I get to play.

  3. are these still for sale??

  4. I’m afraid we never sold them due to the size, weight and I was worried people would have trouble with them as they are certainly not home machines. I have two that I use regularly and I love them as a sample roaster, but they are hard work to use.

  5. Hi, do you know where I can get something like this for a deli m going to be opening.
    Im looking for a second-hand small batch (1-2kg) roaster(s) for a good price.
    Sample roaster seems to be ideal – shame yours is no longer for sale.
    Im happy to struggle with professional kit until I get more experienced.

    Any advice ?


  6. Yo could go direct to them, drop me a mail and I’ll send you the contact details. The only problem is importing from Brazil is neither cheap nor easy.

  7. Hello, can you send me information on the sample roasters?
    Kind regards
    Richard Reeves

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