Sample Day

Had a great sample arrive today from Brazil. A natural that wasn’t weird and wasn’t overly funky, but full of body, and I think is going to be a great espresso SO.

The sweetness was cool but huge clean body that was amazingly clean and huge length on the back palate. Its a tiny micro lot of ten bags, to be found (we are told) no where else, and one you guys are REALLY going to enjoy. I also think the price wont be off the map, good news all around.

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  1. Although Lagoa is a big BSCA farm, they also specialise in small micro lots of unique profiles, sometimes for entry into competitions and also by customer request as in this case. This Mondo Novo natural lot is a small, specific parcel for which Has Bean has bought the lot. In future, we are likely to see more such micro lots targetted uniquely for specific customers as in this case. We hope that Has Bean customers enjoy this coffee.

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