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  1. I would add that if your trying to wean yourself off of milk and/or sugar then it might take 3-4 cups before you stop noticing what your missing. At least that was my experience.

  2. Also, let it cool down a bit.

  3. I was astonished last year when I stopped (for the most part) drinking store bought coffee and started ordering my coffee straight from a roaster. I had never even known coffee could be so delicious or that I could not need cream and sugar. I used to drink coffee just for that extra jolt early in the morning, but now I am a coffee lover, always searching for the new flavors my palate has never imagined.

    I agree both of the guys above, though. It can be a bit scary to change what you are used to, but you may never know what you are missing if you don’t give it a try without all that cream and sugar. I absolutely love how much lighter my coffee feels in my mouth without all the heavy cream and sweetness I used to use.

    I have also noticed that I can almost never drink a low quality or store bought coffee without cream and sugar or at least sugar. They are too bitter, as if they are biting back.

  4. There’s a Russian saying, “To salt without tasting”, which Steve has come up with here.

    They mean both literally, when someone has cooked you a meal, and figuratively – to shun someone’s advice, even when they probably know more about the subject. It’s considered really rude there!

  5. I think I am purist regarding both coffee and tea. If either is of high quality, then for me neither needs milk/sugar, or sweetner at all.
    I enjoy great coffee and find that the use of milk and sugar can mask the wonderful complex flavors that abound in my cup;)

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