La Spaziale Vivaldi S1 mk 2

Ok I’ve received some new that the S1 Vivaldi mk 2 that’s been creating waves in the US mat very well be coming to these shores. I have no date and no final price but I expect it to be just a little more than the normal S1. To jog this along if you are seriously interested can you drop me an email or leave a comment as a statement of interest. Obviously the more people interested the more chance we have of tying down an exact date and price.

The basic differences with the S1 VIVALDI standard are :

DUAL MANOMETER ( the only visible difference )

VISUALIZATION WITH THE LEDS OF THE 1°C temperature steps’ increments and decrements ( whereas on the standard S1 VIVALDI you can adjust the temperature of 1°C increments and decrements but you cannot visualize this on the leds of the control-panel)

PREARRANGEMENT ( wires & cables coming out of the electronic board )to connect a timer ( available separately as a spare part ) to turn the machine on /off automatically

4-HOLES steam tip instead of a 3-HOLE steam tip

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  1. Hi Steve,
    I would be interested in upgrading my MkI machine to MkII spec, if that was available over here, as i understand it is in the USA.

  2. Hi Eric

    I’ve asked the question, I’ll keep you posted.


  3. Hi Steve,

    if the price is okay I’d be interested too, if it’s too high I might as well opt for the 2 group spazio (or similar)…


  4. I am very interested.
    I already asked chris coffe – but they aren’t selling to Europe
    hope you find out soon when it will be available here


  5. Hi Patrick

    The way the Market is set up Chris’s coffee isn’t authorised to sell outside of territory. The mark 2 will be available here very soon, in fact I’m hoping to take delivery of one next week for evaluation. It is on its way it just takes time.



  6. I’m interested in the MarkII

    Some of the American sites suggest improved internal sensors in addition to your mentioned items. True ???

    Currently running Reneka Techno (Mark1). Hoping the Vivaldi would be a significant upgrade.



  7. Hi David

    It’s a little sketchy at the moment but I too believe there are differences on the inside as I’ve been told the upgrade is not possible form the mk 1. But until I see the final spec sheet I wont know.

    I’ve seen the first 230-240v one today and installed it for a commercial customer. So they are being made but the one I saw didn’t have the 1 degree increments on the temp control (the best part of the upgrade for me). Awaiting clarification to see if this will be the same for all.

    Also been told there should be more available in two weeks time (please don’t hold your breath or hold me to it I’ve heard this before from Italy).

  8. Hi Steve,
    ok seems like time is standing still in Italy, any news on the Vivladi II ?
    Very interested if it can be shipped to Sweden.
    Best regards,

  9. Hi!
    I’m very interested in Vivaldi II, where can it be bought in Europe?
    Best regards
    Pawel (Poland)

  10. Hi Pawel

    I’m not sure sorry you may be better contacting La Spaziale Directly

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