Rwandan Cup of Gold

You will all know by now I’m very passionate and dedicated to the cup of excellence program. We’ve been supporters for quite a while and I’m now on the board of directors for the program that takes up time money and lots of travelling. I do it as I love the idea, and the way it introduces us to our farmers.
One of the failings levelled at the program is that its central/ south American based. Now to run a program you need the help of the countries and you need some set logistics, and it just so happens the south American associations have been able to implement a competition. Also the cup of excellence is still a very young program and has only been going for 9 years this year.
I tell you nothing that everyone else knows that this year Rwanda held a competition in august 2007 to trial run a cup of excellence program with the aim of having a full blown competition this year. This competition was called the cup of gold. It’s NOT (and I underlined not) a cup of excellence program but it is a small competition to find quality coffee. There was no Internet auction and only the jury members were allowed to bid for the coffees that won. We had a friend on the jury who made sure we got two great lots from this competition. There were no samples so I bought them blind but Flori who bought them for us knows what I like better than I do and she has done us proud with two very different lots.
Now it was back in august these coffees were auctioned, and we have just got them. It took an age to get them from Rwanda via Mombasa in Kenya and to my little roastery in Stafford. But there here and at the links below.
Rwanda Crop of Gold COCAF Amizero

Rwanda Crop of Gold Ucar

Two very different coffees and two great filter/ French press coffees and at a great price too. Not going to be around for long though.
On another note the Bolivians arrived on Friday. These are the Bolivians that I bought after our trip in November. I got some pictures of the container being unloaded at the link here.

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