Rwanda Cup of Excellence

So the first ever African COE auction is over and we were able to share a lot with 9 other (I know a big group) from the auction. The outcome can be seen from the link here

I’ve got to say I’m disappointed that we missed out on the lot we really wanted, but very pleased to have this great coffee as a back up from the auction.

I’m also very pleased with the final prices for the farmers very well deserved.

Auctions are funny things, you start with a hopes and a budget, and then they just take over and completely change what you wanted. The lot we were after ended up being the 7th most expensive even though we were looking way down. It’s a shame but the guys who bought it have deeper pockets and I’m sure will do this great coffee lots of justice (couldn’t have gone to a better home).

So mixed emotions on this one, but I’m sure your going to love Buremera Mig – Nzirorera Lanouard that we have got.
The other great thing is we picked up a coffee while we were in Rwanda that wasn’t from the COE but just as good a coffee. On the cupping table it was one of my highest scoring coffees of my time there.

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  1. Did the lot you were after get picked up by ppl in Chicago? If so, I may have a chance to try it after all 😉

    When do you expect the shipment to arrive, btw? I’m planning a trip 😉

  2. Might have 🙂

    January / Feb I reckon but Africa who knows 🙂

  3. Congrats on the win Steve! Too much money for us this time round, but there will be other auctions…

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