Rwanda Cup of Excellence Auction

Good times tomorrow with the first ever auction of Rwanda in the cup of excellecne. Rwanda has done so much work to get to this stage they must be very highly commended.

Will we be buying? I hope so, I’ve some of my favourites marked down. Will I be going for a high placed lot ? Probably not (see my posting here) but I hope that the prices are as high as they deserve to be.

This country has so much untapped potential and being able to see this first hand this year was amazing, and this I believe can only get better.

If you want to watch the auction take a look at the link here from 6:00 AM (Los Angeles), 9:00 AM (New York), 2:00 PM (London), 3:00 PM (Oslo) and 10:00 PM (Tokyo)

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  1. So great that you were part of the pioneering team šŸ™‚

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