Rolands Diary day 3

In this Roland Glew take over of has blog he tell us (very briefly) whats going on. I think he is having to much fun to share with us but heres his short paragraph from day 3


After spending day 2 at Cafe ARBAR, I got day 3 pretty much to myself – it was mostly spent getting myself sorted ready for the week long Cup of Excellence competition beginning the next day. I also got to meet some of my fellow judges and catch up on my e-mail!

I’m writing this at the end of day 4, which is the end of the first day of the International Jury of the Costa Rica Cup of Excellence 2015. The competition started with an Inauguration meeting – which was a chance to hear from and meet some of the people running the Speciality Coffee Association of Costa Rica. After that we moved onto the real business of cupping, with three rounds of cupping to get the judges calibrated. Each round included 9 or 10 coffees, which we cupped and scored independently before sitting down to discuss our scores. This also included a chance to try various acids in solution and understand how these acids interacted with each other and with other things.

It’s been a really interesting day, with the other judges giving me lots to think about and lots learnt! Tomorrow we start tasting the 60 coffees that have made it through to the International Jury week of Cup of Excellence Costa Rica 2015.


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