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  1. Hi Steve

    Trace said how about “Humpty Dumpty”

    I believe it should be named “Merlin” as your beans are magic.

  2. And the winner is…………???????????

  3. And the winner is ……….. sorry still coming hopeing to have chance to sort it Sunday

    my bad 🙁

  4. Then it must now be called


    As in Izzy gonna name it or
    Izzy not LOL

  5. Any news yet?

  6. Ahhh I’m still very very bad, MUST get this closed

  7. Hi Stephen,

    Just curious…. what have you ‘bean’ calling your roaster pending the outcome of this competition? come on… own up… you have a pet name for it/him/her don’t you!!!


  8. Call it….. ‘stoked’!
    Only joking
    How about ‘Old Bean’?

  9. Any news Jo x

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