Receptacle said too many times

A few weeks ago I did a video thinking about cups/ mugs and there shapes. Its a bit long winded and to spoil the end there is no end, but more a start of a project I’ve been thinking about ever since.

Receptacle said too many times from Stephen Leighton

Its something I think needs so more thought and something I think we need to experiment much more with.

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  3. Hi Steve!

    Incredibly inspiring movie! Will be interesting to follow your experiments in the future 🙂

    /Emil T

  4. I did a similar experiment a few months ago with friends but smelling ground coffee, not liquid. In the past, I used espresso cups for this but they were bad at retaining the aromas and also too warm as I took them from the top of my espresso machine. Wine glasses are always at room temperature. We tried various glasses and found the small ISO glasses were by far the best, as long as you don’t plunge your nose right into them but take a fleeting whiff from an inch or two away, as the aroma is super-concentrated and keeps fresh and strong for quite a while, which is ideal when you are trying to compare the aromas of a range of coffees.

  5. Hmm aromas I’m sure will have a big effect, thanks for sharing Jossy

  6. We too tried something similar to this during last years Nordic Roasters. There was a big difference in which glass worked best with which coffee. Think sweet heavy bodied coffees like naturals from Brasil vs fruity, acidic clean coffees like a Kenyan.

    It’s interesting to see it done with so many different glasses that you tried out, though. Looking forward to see your next step with this!

  7. Interesting analysis but has probably raised more questions than answers?

    I always tend to use the same receptacle for espresso and another for brewed. Worked on basis that need to maintain one constant with the variable being the coffee.

    If as posted above there are different best receptacles for different coffee types/styles – opens up a whole new field of coffee science?

  8. Your right about the questions more than answers Keith that’s for sure.

    Not sure where to go next with it, time o sit down with some one who is a potter I guess and make some different sizes that way. Any one who knows of any one please put me in touch.

  9. Steve, good interesting blog – something that ive often wondered and thought about, although only in terms of different mugs..
    I definitely have a preferable mug at work a concious decision I took as my other mug made my coffees taste rubbish.
    Might put some more effort into doing this for home, as I often just grab any clean mug..
    Might get a bit more consistency in the flavours that way…
    thanks for doing this anyway..
    Maybe different types of water next eh 😉 hard / soft / filtered / bottled 🙂

  10. Really interesting experiment, I pay really close attention to the details when I’m making coffee, but never thought about what I pour it into very much and how that will affect the final outcome.

  11. Hey Steve

    We carried out an experiment today and filmed it. This is the link to what we found:

    Not the best camera work!

    We found the difference was amazing. I was a little sceptical to be honest, but it is really there. The standard wine glass really blew the sweetness through the roof. What we didn’t film was about 30mins after when the coffee had cooled. The standard wine glass still tasted sweet while the others had deteriorated significantly. We are going to experiment with single orgins in the near future.

    Thanks for going through this…provided us with a mad afternoon of cupping!!!!

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