Reasons to be cheerful

My Brazil cup of excellence arrived today in port and should be with me by the weekend. This year we have our hand in two lots. An old favourite (for quite a few years now) is the Brazil Santa Terrazina organic. It has a history of doing well in COE competitions and this year placed ninth. We decided to buy some of mainly becuase we like the famr and the coffee, and it seemed like a nice thing to do. The bonus is we are in the good company of Ecco Caffè (USA), Stumptown Coffee Roasters (USA), 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters (Canada), Cafés El Magnífico (Spain),, Mokkamestarit Oy (Finland), Groundwork Coffee Co. (USA) and PT’s Coffee (USA). Got to say I’m honoured to have the coffee and honoured to be in that mix of buyers. It tells you how good a coffee it is.

We also have some of lot 27 called Sítio Das Jaboticabas, that’s a very exiting coffee. Its been such a time since I cupped it I cant remember that much about it, apart from its silkiness and sweetness. Enough to say I’m looking forward to trying it again. I hope to get it on the site over the weekend as long as I can nail the roast for it.

So two reasons to be cheerful

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  1. Great news Steve!

    Just a quick question, how come if the COE award ceromony was on December 8th 06 and the auction was completed on jan 16th 07 that you have to wait about 2 months before your winning lots arrive? I’m sure there must be some logical reasons for this…but they allude me. Is this normal procedure for COE?

  2. Hi Paul

    They do take a while I remember the Bolivian we had a couple of years ago being a nightmare. The coffees are kept in parchment on the whole to preserve the quality for as long as possible. This means once the auctions complete they need to mill the coffee then prepare it and ship.

    The brazil one this year has had extra problems. Due to a great idea by them they vac packed the coffee which I guess caused some logistical problems (it was done on the famous Daterra farm but how central that was to the mill and the farm’s I’m not sure. Add to this is was ready to ship but then the carnival happened and nothing leaves port at carnival time a whole heap of extra problems happened. Lets just say that good things come to those who wait.

    Can you see why I’m cheerful now. 🙂

  3. ahhhh that explains your cheery disposition perfectly 🙂

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