QR Codes and In My Mug

So you know we do in my mug, and you know we like to share with you these videos and the information.

But often you forget to see it, or get distracted. Well what were going to start doing for a few weeks trial is to stick on QR reader barcodes on the packs. If you don’t know what a QR reader is then its a barcode that can be scanned with a mobile device (no not just apple products android too). In the code will be a url embedded (and in a few weeks you may find special offers embedded too) you will still get a link to see the video too.

Good apps

QRReader for iphone
QRDroid for the android

If you don’t have a phone that can do this with a camera and this website (a lot of work) but a work around if you want to be involved.

Its a bit of a trail, so I’d like any feedback if you think its worth it / not etc, and what you think.

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  1. Neoreader ( is a good app and supports many different phones 🙂

  2. Hi steve. Cool new thing. I tried it out when the fresh pack of Costa Rica … Negra arrived, but it said ‘In My Mug is MOT ready yet’! Looking forward to what else you do with it.

  3. Not, not MOT! iPhone predictive text strikes again!

  4. Thanks for the hint on Neoreader I’ll take a look

    Richard check again and there is a new message, we don’t get them recorded until Sunday but a holding page was a good idea

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