Podcast time is here again

It’s great to see the podcast back. I really enjoy the podcast, and its been way to long between these episodes. Nick and Jay carry on from where they left off and its as if they have never been away. If you have a few spare hours and haven‘t listened to one before, you must take some time (and I like the way its some time two hours isn’t enough for me). Its not just about coffee (although on the whole it is), and a great way to learn about Barista competitions and the American coffee industry and movers and shakers. I must be very sad as I’ve listened to it twice now. I got a bit distracted first time of listening, its a good one for sure.

Now its just up to The coffee Geek to get his next podcast up, and I can get myself to the gym (I used to listen to these in the gym when they came nearly every week or so). So its the podcasts fault for my belly and lack of exercise. ☺

Not to forget the Doubleshot guys at aa cafe, these are great listens and some middle ground between the industry based portafilter and the consumer focused Coffee Geek.

So podcast times are here again☺I just wish some one in Europe or even better the UK would do one, now that would be really good.

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  1. Yeah, great idea Steve …… you should do one, it would be great 😛

  2. He would be constantly complaining about his earphones! But otherwise it’s a great idea “hasbean’ steves latest and greates proudly presented by …” 😉

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  4. You don’t do podcasts when you have a horrible accent like my whining voice. The blog world is just perfect for me. and any how who would be my sidekick 🙂

    Hey Lukas I have new headphones now the world is a better place 🙂

  5. Talking about accents it seems you finally learned to spell my name. Yippie! 😉
    But what makes you think you don’t have an accent in your blog? 😛

  6. We do coffee not spelling have you not realized by now 🙂

  7. Never mind all that accent nonsense Steve. Following your star appearance by telephone on ‘’ a year or so back, you should just go for it. If not you, who else in the UK? Maybe you could have guest co-presenters. I know a northern git who would make you sound great on t’wireless 😉

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