Past few days and some new coffees

OK, lots going on in the past week but been really busy with some staff sickness, and good time upon us.

New beans added, Yemen is back as is the Colombian La Manuela lots more to come in the next few days too.

One of the most exciting additions to the cart is the three month and twelve month in my mug gift packs. This is where you will get each coffee that is shown on the in my mug. Its something I think is a great idea, and one shared by Chris (I think) so thank you.

got loads of things to blog about over the next few days will try and get myself together.

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  1. Been thinking about the “in my mug” gift pack:

    For me, with my modest coffee drinking schedule, 1kg of coffee a month is a lot of coffee to be drinking.

    One idea that came to mind was a “monthly catchup” pack – with maybe 100g of each of the 4 coffees shown that month. Not sure how practical that is in terms of packaging and roasting/measuring, but it would save on shipping and postage and be a “credit crunch friendly” offering.

  2. Keep up the great work, Steve. Think I will check back in a week or so. I hear that a lot of great new coffees are on the horizon.

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