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  1. Roland Gifford 31 March, 2016 at 2:58 pm

    Interesting. A number of things I hadn’t come across before.

    I started to buy from Has Bean because it was recommended. I have continued buying almost exclusively from Has Bean because of InMyMug. The enthusiasm is what hooked me and the enthusiasm (plus a large variety of very tasty coffee of course) is what keeps me.

    Has Bean has changed over the years from a company run by someone who loves it to be more of a company run by someone who likes to run a company. Getting professional involved as companies grow is a very good move as I have seen companies fail because they haven’t.

    Things are bound to change when you have 1500-2000 IMM subscribers from the days that a two bag lot was worth putting on the site for public sale. I hoped last year and I have hoped again this year that SSSSS would take me back to the old days but it hasn’t.

    Fewer coffees were better in some respects because if I particularly liked one of the weekly coffees I could buy some more. Now I can’t buy some more without missing some of the coffees altogether – and I miss some altogether even now as I buy 100-150 bags a year from the 200+ different coffees.

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