• Mobile Friendly Has Bean

    I like to think I’m quite tech savvy. I own a website that does okay for web sales, I make video podcasts that are watched by thousands each week, and I have a healthy Twitter and Facebook following. I listen to tech podcasts and read blogs. So much so I even go to tech conferences… Continue Reading

  • Villa Sarchi

    Varietal: Villa Sarchi Related to: Bourbon, Typica, Pacas Origin: Costa Rica Botany: Mutation Grows best at: 500 metres or above Prevalent in: Costa Rica Predominant Colour: Red Fruit size: Normal rounded Plant Size: Dwarf (short) Leaf Characteristics: Bronze colored leaves scattered throughout the green leaves Plants per hector: 3,585 Recommended Spacing:1.67m x 1.67m Common Tasting Notes:Fruit… Continue Reading

  • 3FE / Has Bean Collaboration coffee

    For a long time we have wanted to do something special with another coffee roaster. I think there is lots to learn from working together, rather than apart. Theres a few special roasters we have approached and never been able to agree how it would work or how we can make sure we all get… Continue Reading

  • Catimor

    Its ages since I did a new varietal post, but with this weeks in my mug being a catimor I thought it was about time I did. Catimors one of the unloved bad guys of coffee, but I’ve found a couple of examples of it being quite the oposite. I guess this comes back ot… Continue Reading