Vincent Paye from Bolivia Copacabana

Vincent is a coffee producer in Caranarvi who is pushing the envelope for production in the area. Which is unusual as in Boliva there are few doing a good job let alone pushing the boundaries.

Bolivia is a tough place t0 grow coffee, so we are very proud that Vincent sells his coffee to us. Watch the whole in my mug at (after the 19th of April)

Or you can but it here

A small post on some big work at El Limon

So this is a small post about the huge work Beto is undertaking at the farm El Limon in Palencia located to the east of Guatemala city.

Beto is one of the most amazing producers we buy from as he really reacts to feedback from us. A conversation a couple of years ago about his Pacamara, and if we had more, I believed we could sell more. This year he took me to the newly cultivated part of the farm with 20,000 pacamara plants.

















After our trip around the farm we were talking about this years washed harvest (Beto only does washed in the past) and he said he would like to experiment in Naturals.














But needed someone brave enough to buy it without having a history in that processing method. Liking a challenge, I got sent these photos today














He has also done some pacamaras natural too















The only guide we have is that Beto produces delicious coffee, and has gotten advice from people that do amazing naturals, so lets hope that its a gamble that pays off, but the photos make me want to try this lot more

SSSSS Last chance

ver the past few months I’ve had many many emails about my Super Secret Stash subscription, most about how amazing the coffee was but also a fair chunk from people who were sad that they’d missed the boat and wanted to join.  Now I never like to make people sad or upset so I put on my thinking hat, got out a calculator and did some sums to see if I could put some smiles on faces and guess what?!  Booooooooom!

It is with great pleasure that I can announce I’m reopening the subscription to let some more lucky folks in!  After a lot of number crunching I worked out that I’ve got space for another 50 more people to join until I really do have to lock the door, drop the portcullis and raise the drawbridge to Castle #SSSSS.

Interested in seeing the kind of coffees you can look forward to?  If you would have already been a subscriber then right now there’d be a bag of Colombia Finca Buena Vista Washed Caturra Reserve (14th of August, 2014) on the way to you with Royal Mail, to find out a little more about this coffee that’s only been sent to #SSSSS subscribers take a peek at the newsletter they were all sent this afternoon..

The subscription originally cost £71.00 for 12 bags but as I’ve already sent 3 coffees the price has now dropped to £53.25 for 9 bags from April to December.

Places are available on a first come, first served basis so once they’re gone, they’re gone!  The subscription will be open for the month of March but will be closed once we hit 50 so if you want in you better pounce ; )

To get your name on the #SSSSS list just click below and get your order in!

A soothsayer bids you beware the ides of March

What’s a Shakespeare quote got to do with coffee?  Well to be honest nothing much really but it involves the word March and that’s the key.

Every week throughout March I’m going to be releasing a new blend!  I can tell you now that 1 will be an old favourite and the other 3 are going to be super tasty + delicious, what more do you need to know?!

For a short limited time I’m offering a little subscription to get all 4 of the blends that are going to be released for a veeeeeeeery attractive price!  For 24 of your finest English pounds I will send you 4 * 250g bags of coffee via Royal Mail First Class, that’s £6.00 per bag including postage!  The subscription is only going to be open for the next 6 days until I launch the first blend on Monday March the 2nd so be quick, zoom zoom zoooooom…

Don’t worry if you live outside the UK, you can still subscribe!  There will be a little postage charge based on where you are to help cover what Royal Mail will want for transporting packages outside the UK.

If you have any questions about this subscription (or anything in life really!) feel free to ping an email to : )


An Interview With Brian and Peter from Kenya Kariga pt 2

As part of my traveling I meet some interesting people, non more so than Peter (farm manager of Kariga) and Brian estate owner.

I walked with them for many hours and recorded some of our conversations I hope you enjoy them