• Ask Stevee pt 2

    So in my quest to answer your questions I’ve done another audio podcast to answer all the things about coffee you were to afraid to ask listen to ‘ask stevee coffee questions’ on audioBoom there will be more of these so keep the questions coming

  • Mobile Friendly Has Bean

    I like to think I’m quite tech savvy. I own a website that does okay for web sales, I make video podcasts that are watched by thousands each week, and I have a healthy Twitter and Facebook following. I listen to tech podcasts and read blogs. So much so I even go to tech conferences… Continue Reading

  • Villa Sarchi

    Varietal: Villa Sarchi Related to: Bourbon, Typica, Pacas Origin: Costa Rica Botany: Mutation Grows best at: 500 metres or above Prevalent in: Costa Rica Predominant Colour: Red Fruit size: Normal rounded Plant Size: Dwarf (short) Leaf Characteristics: Bronze colored leaves scattered throughout the green leaves Plants per hector: 3,585 Recommended Spacing:1.67m x 1.67m Common Tasting Notes:Fruit… Continue Reading