• More Colombian Ramblings pt3

    Day three of my travel diary sees me in Tarqui in Huila Colombia and visiting one of the finest farmers we buy from any where. Alexis Trujillo owns just one hector of land, which means he produces around 10-12 bags a year in total. I wanted to see how a small producer can make a… Continue Reading

  • Colombian Ramblings Pt2

    I managed to make it to day two. You hit the amount if listens I set in my head to the number, and a few of you emailed in to say how much you enjoyed them, so today you get an even longer one. I expect tomorrows to be a little shorter, but for now… Continue Reading

  • Colombian Ramblings

    I’m on the move again, this time traveling in Colombia, I’ve been here just of 24 hours so not lots to talk about apart from travel and meeting this top man Edier Peromo from Pitalito. Listen in

  • Flashback friday 4

    You think i forgot about this right !! Well wrong, that just proves you don’t follow my instagram account where last weeks flashback was a picture. This week we look at an article I wrote back in 2008, and I am as proud of it today as I was back then. Its an insight to who I… Continue Reading

  • Flash Back Friday 2 back to 2007

      Part two of flashback friday, looking back at amazing things that have happened in the world of Has Bean. This week we take a look 2007 and the time my new roaster arrived (my probat L25) it was an exciting time then and its exciting to me now. so please enjoy. It’s arrived. Yesterday… Continue Reading

  • Audio musings in a “podcast”

    I really think I don’t produce enough content, and I feel its important to have you listen to my voice at least once a day. This is untrue in both statements, but I do sometimes have thoughts that pop into my head that I would like to share with you. I have used this audio boo… Continue Reading