New Coffee's, again….

We have received two new coffee’s and one of which will be the final piece of the jigsaw for a very special espresso blend we have been working on. The first is a Peru organic decaffeinated. We have been working hard for our decaf customers to find the best this area has to offer.We have also received the Brazil cup of excellence lot. This lot represents a lot to Has Bean and to me. We have been a supporter of the program for a while, but as a micro roaster we have not been able to buy a whole lot as its a very big investment. But this represents out first ever entire lot of coffee. Nobody else in the world will be able to sell this farms coffee with the cup of excellence seal of approval on it. But to add to this in the cup it is awesome espresso and awesome filter and an essential part of blend that we have been planing for quite a while. I cant wait for you to try it both as a single origin and as a blend.

Guatemala coffee bus coming to Stafford

Wednesday the 29th of March we are having a Guatemala coffee bus come to the roastery, which will be serving coffee, and we will be having a general open day. We will also be having out import and export partners there, where you will be able to ask them all sorts of ethical questions. Jan Carlo from Virmax (export partner) who works with the relationship brand will also be doing a talk on how the program works. I meet Jan Carlo before in London and in Armenia in Colombia recently and puts across sustainable coffee better than any one else I have met. He deals with farmers and with roasters alike so knows both sides of the coin.We are inviting some of our trade customers, some potential customers and the local press as its going to be quite an event. We would also like to invite any one here who can make it. Places are limited so its going to be first come first served. The cost of this is completely free and you get a chance to try some of the coffee’s we will be talking about.

Please email me if your interested and we can give times place etc.

Field Report

Ok so the updates never happened whilst in Colombia. It was a busy time and I’m afraid I got too snowed under. So I hope that the report
here will make it a little better.

Colombia Cup of Excellence 1st Harvest 2006

So I’m off to Colombia for a week as of today. My plan is to write a daily update (or at least every couple of days) to keep you posted what’s happening in the Colombian first harvest competition. I’m writing this from JFK airport in New York courtesy of an open wireless network from a kind (or stupid) airline.

Thing are still being dispatched as normal, with the help of friends and family and of course Sarah who’s running the good ship Has Bean this week. So if things a little later than or normal lightening speed be gentle, and if there quicker (which is most likely) don’t get used to it 🙂 .

Please still direct any questions or problems you have through me as I’ll be on line regularly through the day (and night), and will liaise with everyone at the roastery.

I’m also planning to add some photos as I get them to the gallery, so keep an eye out for them.

James Hoffmann Wins UKBC!!!!!!

A big shout out to a good friend of ours James Hoffmann AKA kingseven. He has won the UKBC (UK barista championship) and will be representing the UK at Berne in the WBC (world Barista Championships). No one in coffee deserves this more for his dedication and passion for coffee. A real contender for the WBC title. We worked with James on his blend and it was a pleasure to be associated in a small way towards his massive achievement, my hero 🙂