Guat is Back COE news

Good news from the cup of excellence, that Guatemala is joining the program, the press release below.

Guatemalan Coffee Farmers Announce Plans for 2006 Cup of Excellence Program

Missoula, MT (January 27, 2006) – At a press conference held today in Guatemala City, Guatemala, The Asociacion Nacional de CafÈ ( Anacafe) and The Alliance For Coffee Excellence, Inc. (ACE) announced plans for a joint 2006 competition and auction program for the finest Guatemalan coffees. The international jury will meet May 29th -June 2nd, 2006, in Guatemala City to select the final coffees to be awarded the coveted Cup of Excellence. Those selected coffees will then be sold to the highest bidders during a world-wide internet auction which will be held on July 11th, 2006, on the Cup of Excellence website.

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Colombia Cup of Excellence 1st Harvest 2006

Good news (for me anyway) that I’ve been confirmed as one of the international jury for the Colombian cup of excellence. Colombia is unique as it has two comertions for the two main harvests it has, so this is the first of the two. The whole jury is yet to be confirmed but I do know that there are some people who I have meet before on these trips, really looking forward to it.


Pavina bodum cups. There thermal, they look cool and we have been really amazed at what good cups they are. and now they are on the site. Proveing very popular, been on one day and the re order is in.

New Beans

New beans, Cuba Dattera;s and the costa rican san bosco. Take a look at the cupping notes to get a better view, but there all great additions to the range.

A Big Shipment

Wow a big shipment just arrived, the rest of the the cafe Gene’s came (the first just before Christmas). A big box, huge crate I may move in to it (beats being in the dog house.) Lets say we should be ok for a few months with the Gene’s

Brazil Cup of Excellence Auction Day

This will go down as a red letter day for coffee. the cup of excellence auction was today. The winning coffee went for 49.75 per lb FOB. The winning bidders were Michels Espresso, Instaurator and Caffe Artigiano. At the start of the auction I did expect to be getting at least some of this as I was going to be part of a buying group willing to pay the highest price to date. But within an hour it was in tatters as our budget had gone. It finished 150% more than ever before, thats big bidding. It was also a very big day for Has Bean. For the first time we bought the whole of a lot to have the 100% world exclusivity on selling this coffee as a cup of excellence. A proud day for us, and we hope a good day for Josane de Souza Lima Bissoli the farmer from the SÌtio Boa Sorte fazenda . The lot came 33 but we felt it was way under rated (as did one of the international jury who spent the week with these coffees). Can’t wait to get my hands on it 🙂

the auction carried on for over six hours and I thought it would never end, but it did…… eventually.