Colombia Cup of Excellence 1st Harvest 2006

So I’m off to Colombia for a week as of today. My plan is to write a daily update (or at least every couple of days) to keep you posted what’s happening in the Colombian first harvest competition. I’m writing this from JFK airport in New York courtesy of an open wireless network from a kind (or stupid) airline.

Thing are still being dispatched as normal, with the help of friends and family and of course Sarah who’s running the good ship Has Bean this week. So if things a little later than or normal lightening speed be gentle, and if there quicker (which is most likely) don’t get used to it 🙂 .

Please still direct any questions or problems you have through me as I’ll be on line regularly through the day (and night), and will liaise with everyone at the roastery.

I’m also planning to add some photos as I get them to the gallery, so keep an eye out for them.

James Hoffmann Wins UKBC!!!!!!

A big shout out to a good friend of ours James Hoffmann AKA kingseven. He has won the UKBC (UK barista championship) and will be representing the UK at Berne in the WBC (world Barista Championships). No one in coffee deserves this more for his dedication and passion for coffee. A real contender for the WBC title. We worked with James on his blend and it was a pleasure to be associated in a small way towards his massive achievement, my hero 🙂

Another Cupping in London

So another day of rushing about to go for a cupping in London. This time our friend Andrew Ford from the Australian Mountain Top estate was doing a cupping of coffee’s. In true Has Bean style I arrived late and missed the main cupping. But the main reason for the trip was to try the inavitie cupping he lined up for the afternoon.

On the table was three “bin lots” of coffee from Andrews estate. At mountain top they have different coffees for different occasions. This is done by using different parts of the farm or different processing methods or storage conditions to give the coffee a unique taste.

OK so what I hear you say, well he paired them with some fine Australian wines, and I must admit an interesting experiment. Coffee is a complicated thing, and so is wine, but the wine industry has had a head start of setting up its stall in the market place. What this experiment showed was that coffee can compete with wine in its complex taste side by side.  

Hario Vac Pot and Bloom's

We have has a big delivery today from Japan. We’ve taken a pallet from the Hario Glass company of Hario vac pots and Hario Blooms. Both of these brewing methods are very cool, cheap and easy to use and are very welcome additions to the has bean range.

Hario Bloom brewer (ref HARIO2)

The bloom is easy. You put coffee in the little sock, place it over the top of the glass pot, and pour water through the sock. What does it give you? A unique brew method that is clean and very easy to use. A unique fusion of the two methods, and great value for money. Available in two or three cups sizes.

2 cup CDB-2 360ml £9.99
3 cup CDB-3 480ml £10.99

Hario Vacuum Pots (ref HARIO1)

Here we are pleased to have the famous Hario brewers now in stock. With no UK distributor we had to arrange to have this shipped direct from Japan (which is no easy thing to do). So why? Well first of all they represent great value for money, which I’m sure you will agree. But not just that they are quality brewers which produce great Vac pot coffee.

So why Vac pot? It’s not convenient its old fashioned but it produces a very clean cup of coffee thats the choice of many a coffee aficionado The vacuum principle ensures the coffee is automatically infused at the correct temperature and does not boil. It also means the coffee doesn’t become over extracted unlike some other methods of brewing. If you don’t have a Vac pot in your brewing collection here’s your chance. With burner, stand and pot all part of this kit.

Available in 3 and 5 cup models

3 Cup dimensions W165·D115·H290 £45.99
5 Cup dimensions W175·D130·H305 £48.10

More and more coffee….

Another day another big delivery of coffee. We’ve took delivery of Ethiopian wild Bonga forest (an old favorite) Java Blawan (another return), Kenya Monduli peaberry (which will be a big favorite I know), Kenya Gakki (another great Kenyan) and Tanzania peaberry. Its difficult with all the good coffee that seems to be coming our way, to decide what to stock but I hope you will all enjoy these.

UKBC Wales Regional Heat

Took a trip this afternoon to the Wales regional UK barista championships. 7 hours there and back to see some certificates given out, hmm not the best day out 🙁