One step forward, one back?

There have been a lot of things going on in my mind recently about the world of coffee. Sometimes in my own little world (in my head) I think we are progressing and moving forward and there is an appreciation of fine specialty coffee. Then something will land on my lap and I realise I’m wrong.

The latest is the approaches from green beans importers who think its fine to talk about green beans in commodity prices. Their belief that the markets (coffee commodity markets) have any place in my business and the coffee I buy. I’m astounded at their shear ignorance that I’ll buy x amount of coffee without tasting it, and more so I’ll have to buy it because its cheaper.

Now I’m all for good deals for my customers but I don’t think it is a good deal to sell commodity grade coffee, that I have no idea of what it tastes like. My experiences of “that” type of coffee is that its dish water (ready to be proved wrong any time).

The lack of research of approaching a micro roaster with these offerings amazes me. It makes me wonder if where progressing at all. One step forward, one step back?

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  1. DOn’tdespair Steve. The speciality coffee market is growing and moving forward for sure. There will always be those who see it as a pure commodity and nothing elses. After all it’s $$$$ to these guys and nothing else. Why worry about these people? OK so they have an incredible buying power that does more harm than good. But I think that is the reality of any cliche market. Wine, Tea, food, bread…whatever it is. The sector of any markmet where the true quality is, is always by default going to be smaller. But size is not everything is it (or so I am told!). I feel that the ‘small guys’ voice is getting louder…OK not deafening, but at least it is not falling on deaf ears.

    The problem is STeve you rarely take a small step forward…with your coffees it is leaps and bounds and it is that enthusiasm which is infectious which will make yours and our voices that little bit more noticable.

  2. remember that to a seller you represent a potential pile of cash, nothing more. they care as much about your or your business as they care about the coffee itself…little to none.

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