On the Third (reverse, posting / working) day of Christmas my true love roaster gave to me….

So for the next 12 working days (taking us up to the 22nd the last royal mail posting day) we have the Has Bean 12 days of Christmas for you, This is going backwards 12 days, not the traditional 12 days (any excuse really).

This will involve a new coffee each day, to help you find inspiration for the perfect coffee for Christmas day. Some old favourites, some very new and exciting coffee that will become firm favourites I am sure.

We kick day 3 (reverse, posting / working) day of Christmas my true love roaster gave to me….

Has Bean Unleaded Espresso (Decaffeinated)

An espresso blend especially crafted for the caffeine intolerant amongst us. Sometimes caffeine is not our friend; bed time, after dinner, just not wanting to drink a stimulant and relax. There are lots of single estates out there that are decaffeinated, but what’s going to work in espresso?

Specifically designed for espresso, this full on taste, low on caffeine blend could be the answer to dinner party espressos and cappuccinos.

In the cup expect great balance, body, and richness – just without the caffeine. Biscuit sweetness with a clean bright acidity, without compromise on the taste.

you can buy me here 

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