Old Trafford day out

I’m trying not to do this too often and have a non coffee related post, but I’m going to share this one with you all.

My other passion in life is football, and so far this season I’ve not missed an away game. But the last one at Wigan I thought would be my last for a few months. But I had a chance to go to Old Trafford home of Manchester United. I’ve never been there and I do like to visit new grounds so jumped at the chance.

We lost but I took a couple of pictures, at this link here. One of them was whilst queuing for a beer and it was Paul Colingwood England one day cricket captain. Also there was Monty Panasar and some of the other guys, but I wasn’t quick enough with he camera.

But it was fun, and I felt the need to share.

Paul Collingwood

Old Traford

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  1. I am glad you enjoyed your day out Steve – Sunderland performed very well but I am glad we got the three points!!!!

    I am hoping to see Sunderland move up the table and keep their Premiership status – they are my second team and, I know you won’t like this, Newcastle are my third, from my time at Newcastle University many years ago when universities were universities and real coffee was luxurious. I can still remember going down the Bigg Market to Pumphreys for a coffee and apple pie with cream – a quaint little coffee shop with railway carriage style string luggage racks above the seats (you need to have sat on Steam trains with their individual carriages to understand what I mean!) in which they placed the daily papers for you to read. I think the coffee shop is long gone now but Pumphreys is still about and selling coffee.

    I wonder if you have started a HasBean dynasty that will still be going in 250 years time? That’s a scary thought (not that HasBean will be around for so long – hopefully it will – but just contemplating two centuries passing by and one’s name still being remembered!)

    Anyway – must get my expresso machine repaired so I can start the orders rolling in again – anyone know where I can get spare sparts for a Francis Francis X1?

  2. Cool pics mate – Colly and the boys – great 😛

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