OHHHH my !!

I’ve just received the jury list for the Rwanda trip in August (see here) the post where I’m going not the list I’m not sure if I am allowed to share that. Ohhh dear I think I may have to take my autograph book with me. I got so excited I did let out a little girly scream.

Big huge names in the industry, at least five hero/idols of mine, and everyone else (and I mean everyone) looking like a great jury. A great trip with great people. I think I’m going to be on about this for a while.

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  1. You will be fine…..but taking an autograph book with you as i know what a fan of some of the judges you are! Good idea.

    Bet you are bright red for the first day and that will not be with the sun it will be the sheer rosy glow of hyperventilation…Lol.

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