Off to London

Today I’ve managed to escape the roastery for the day, for a tasting down in London with our importers. So I’m on the train and really excited about tasting some of the first arrivals and pre shipment samples of some centrals, I hope to have some thing to talk to you about tomorrow, and have a clearer idea of the way forwards this year with some crops. Preliminary discussions and agreements pending this cupping have gone very well and I am really excited about it.

Then tomorrow I’m going to spend the day with some of the Monmouth guys at there roastery to cup and shoot the breeze.

I hope that tomorrow or Sunday I can tidy up the plans of what coffees we are stocking this year, why they are special to us, and some cupping notes.

And then the weekend I have lots of work to do to get the “shocking news” up and out there with some changes to the blend line up. Its a busy weekend ahead, but what’s new.

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  1. Hi Steve

    Sorry about the accommodation mix up. Maybe better if you bring a tent next time. I would have a word with your account manager, if I were you. Today is the Grand National. Although your loyal readers will not be looking to you for racing tips, I am sure your favourites from yesterday’s cupping table would find an eager following.

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