Observer Food Monthly Article and Adeodato Menezes

From my trip to Bahia we visited a few farms and cupped a few coffees we hoped to be able to bring back.

At the end of the trip on the way to the airport Luca suggested we pop in and see one of his friends. It was on the way and seemed like a fine idea. His friend is called Adeodato Menezes and is one of the real front line of Bio Dynamic coffee but also disadvantaged by lower yields and not having a route to market. Luca didn’t think I would want to see a sample of this one but the talk all the way to the airport was please could he sort out sending me one.

Adeodato is a charismatic chap and I loved the calmness and beauty of the farm. And although a language barrier, I liked him very much and felt the same back. I also loved his respect for the farm.

There was something about the place that I couldn’t shake. The yield at its very highest was hundreds of bags and now its down to 10, wasn’t a good sign, but I’ve been thinking a lot about yields and things (audioboo to come soon). Its unsustainable in its current state, and is a spiral that cant be stopped. Adeodato needs a better price to sort things out on the farm, but that wont come until he finds a route to market, and the market wont come to him with 10 bags. Difficult one

Fazenda Terramater

The sample arrived Wednesday this week and was sampled and approved on Friday. I cupped it and it has something, there is something in this coffee that’s not just a story. Its not the most polished coffee in the world but there was sweetness complexity that I’m rather excited about.I think there are some processing issues, but we have asked that next years be processed with more care, I think the potential could be amazing.

Fazenda Terramater Forest view

So we have agreed to get this handful of rare bio dynamic coffee for you to try. I’m really excited about it, and I’m sure some of you will be.

We knew this was coming out, but the timing is amazing. There is an article in the Observer food monthly about the very farm. Taker a look at the link here.

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  1. India Hope Shaw-weston 27 April, 2015 at 11:58 am

    my names India, I’m 23 and am living in the UK. I currently work as a youth support worker but I’ve always had a passion for poepel, the environment and organic living. About a year ago I came across biodynamic farming and through my research I’ve been reading a lot about Adeodato Menezes’s. His principles of farming and his outlook on life sit so blissfully with my own understandings and views of life and the environment. I’m looking to travel next year and to work on a few biodynamic farms as this is something I would like to pursue and learning further more. I would love the opportunity to work alongsise Adeodato Menezes’s not only for my own experiences but to lend a hand to something I feel so passionate about. If anyone could help or give me advice on how I could make this possible then I would great fully appreciate hearing from you.
    thank you for reading and hopefully hear back soon.
    India Hope shaw-weston.

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