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My friend Steve sent me this ages ago and it made me smile, Make your own pop album without playing a note “Milli Vanilli” style.

1 – Go to

The first article you get is the name of your band

2 – Go to

The last four words of the last quote is the album title

3 – Go to

Third picture, no matter what it is, is your album cover

Put it all together to make your album.


  1. Nice combination for me – I think it’d work. Can’t be any worse than some of the rubbish out there. 😉

    Band name:
    King Ai of Zhou

    Album name:
    Strangeness in the proportion


  2. I feel like the Simon Cowell of the coffee world, let me just hike up my trousers. I forgot to add mine

    Name: Gałęzewko

    Album: Anything I didnt say


    I love it 🙂 Now where is my band in a box.

  3. Band: Rofous Fishing Owl

    Title: Missiles and Misguided men


    I actually think that is a really cool band name and the title, well if anyone can top that for coll man! The hairy biker…hmmmmmmm

  4. Pretty scary how it all comes together:

    Band: Climatic Controls

    Title: Stays till all commend


    Gotta be some conspiracy somewhere! 😀

  5. Band: Chad at the 1968 Olympics

    It seems I am one of those bands…..

    Album: Love, Obey thy heart

    Dear lord…..


    Is there no escape?!?!

  6. Band: Dragon Quest
    Album: Action is a thought

    My guess is it would be a heavy rock album with lots of feedback and reverb. And I would definitely be buying!

  7. Band: Nunca! Nunca (Roughly translated to mean “Never! Never”)

    Album: Either plagiarism or revolution


    Cool! 🙂

  8. Band: Naipes Heraclio Fournier
    Title: Willing to let them

    Not at all pretentious me then!! LOL

  9. Band: Solar Stills
    Album Title: To Their Greatest Extent
    Album Cover:

    *lol* @ James’ album cover :p

  10. Just had to do it again….

    Alan Young

    The Paper it’s written on

    Nice Cover!! 😉

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