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Another week wizzes by, I just don’t know where the times goes I am going to try and pick up the posting but its tough so please forgive me. Last Wednesday was the final UK Barista championship regional qualifier. From all these qualifiers 26 (I think) are selected to go through to the finals in a couple of week’s time. This time it was Northern Ireland where we were very proud to have three Baristas competing with out coffee from the famous Café Krem owned by Se Gorman.
I was made up when Se contacted me and said that his staff wanted to use our coffee. I’ve been an admirer of what Se does at his place and it’s a thrill to be asked. Last year Se and Neli were in the final six with se coming a very close second to the now crowned world champion. Se decided he didn’t want to compete so instead he becomes trainer for three of his staff.
The three did very well and they finished 1st, 2nd and 5th that I think is amazing. Of course we played a small part in the development stages of their blends but the feedback from them has been good, and they all wanted very different things.

So well done to

1st Neli Petkova Café Krem
2nd Mariusz Mescek Café Krem
5th Jurgita Café Krem

Se and the team
Se and his Team 

Unfortunately Jurgita missed out on the final cut for the finals, which is a real shame. Dino of Alto café in Barnsley also missed out which is really bad news. Dino has a great passion and has the ability to do really well, he had a bad day at the office, next year my friend, next year.

From the finals we will have four people using our coffee and I’m made up for them and for us. Wde have Neli and Mariusz, Barry winner from the northern Heats and Ben Runner up from the Bristol heat. So less time to post more demanding Baristas wanting coffee ☺

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  1. Good news Steve but they have good start using great coffees!

    Cant wait for the finals – do you know when we know who is on what day of the semis – need to book some trains!

  2. Congratulations to all concerned and to you guys for supplying so many winners with their coffee 🙂

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