Nicaraguan Cup of excellence.

Today was the auction for the Nicaraguan cup of excellence. It was a tough one to watch and carried on for a while. The best part for me was the whole auction got rewarded, some great prices paid, and an enormous headline for the winning coffee finishing at $47.06 a lb fob screen price. Was it worth it? You bet if I could have got someone to share the weight of cost in a buying group I’d have paid much more for it. Stumptown are very lucky people to have this great coffee. All the results can be seen here

Some times you have to look a little further down for the gems in there. Our pick was  “El Limoncillo” Estate,  in Matagalpa.  This is going to be kick ass espresso can’t wait for it to arrive, of course we will let you know when it arrives. Happy days, now off to check the bank balance to make sure we can pay for them 🙂

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