New Space update

The new space comes on leaps and bounds. The walls are painted, the flooring is being laid, desks, chairs and other essentials are bought.

Next part of the plan is to get shelving up and installed, and I’ve found some one who is going to build us a working bar, so we can have the coffee shop experience in the roastery. But the El Salvador/ Nicaraguan trip couldn’t have come at a worse time for us at the moment, taking me out for over a week. But with all that I hope to be using the space by mid May and hopefully july/ August time have another open day so you can all come look at my lovely new cupping lab.

I write this sitting in Heathrow Airport waiting for my first of two flights today. I’m caught in two places with this trip. I know once I’m there I am going to love it, but its the traveling either side I dont enjoy. Its also the pressure before going and then when back thats no fun at all getting everything in place for me to be away.

But then the experience of meeting the growers and workers and seeing where the “magic” happens will make it worth it, just difficult to see with many hours of traveling ahead. I know there is no sympathy out there for me nor should there be, but a blog is about sharing your thoughts so thats what I’m doing 🙂 .

More posts to come and more photos about the new space once I can get my camera plugged into the computer.

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  1. Safe trip mate! Look forward to the pics 🙂

  2. Sympathy – certainly not!!

    Envy – hmmm!

    Just have a great trip, and get those pics in when you can!

  3. Sympathy? Bags of it – we probably all know what travelling long distance can be like.

    Enjoy the trip, work hard (and bring the fruits back for us to enjoy), play hard. Envious – maybe, maybe not!

    Looking forward to the pictures 🙂

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