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For most orders sent out over 1.5kg will now be sent with City Link and not ANC parcel firm. We have had lots of feedback from customers saying how un happy they have been with ANC, and we have had thing broken or go missing. So we have now moved to City Link who seem to have a much better systems in place. Now unusually it’s not cheaper than AMC and we are not passing any extra costs onto you. We worked out it was worth it for us to spend less time on claiming for damaged goods, and a few pence extra on shipping to you. Please let us know if you have any experiences you have with our new shipper, good or bad.

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  1. Hi Steve

    In my previous life as a stock co-ordinator I used loads of Couriers and City Link was OK. A lot better than ANC for sure. The best I found was UPS or TNT (Although the latter…good grief after visiting their warehouse hubs I would never send a parcel anywhere!!!) UPS are without a doubt the best, but that really does come at a premium price.

    I digress, City Link are a good firm and I cannot forsee too many problems from my past experience.

    Good Luck


  2. Its strange in life how things come around Matt. I used to work for City Link in my youth as a part time Job. There central Hub was not far from where I lived and I’d work every night after a full day at work from 9pm till3am. They were a good company to work for and there security procedures where tight and they always tried to sort out problems. So I’m hoeing its a good move.

  3. speaking of…i am going to buy some of your coffee and have it sent to two lovebirds i know who have just moved over to your side of the pond. we’ll talk…

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