New Coffee's (and tea!!! thats right tea)

As a coffee roaster you know Christmas is coming when the Brazil’s start to arrive. We’ve took delivery of new crop Brazil Fazenda Cachoeira (for the fifth year) Our fourth dseason of the Origin blended Brazil Perfetio and our second season of Brazil Inglaterra Special Fazenda Toca da Onca. Old favourites and really big coffees for Has Bean.

Cachoeira is one very special coffee for me. I can pin point the time that I really got what specialty coffee could be, it was my true and only epiphany moment in life, and it changed my life. Its also the one coffee I always go back to. I love many of the lots we have, and enjoy the experience of them but this is one of the staples that I must take a bag home at least once a month just to savour.

The perfetio we are very pleased to see back. I have never had such a backlash from a coffee going out of stock than this. There were a lot of unhappy people so this year we have secured a big heap of it on contract to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Its going to be a strange year this, without a Brazil cup of excellence I guess I’ll have to enjoy these coffees even more.

The Brazil Inglaterra Special Fazenda Toca da Onca is a strange coffee and a very limited release. The owner is my good friend at our importers, and is run by Gabriel the owner of Cachoeira. We have some great photos take a look here

We’ve been trying for a long time to revamp our tea range. We’ve had some teas but I’ve always felt like they were an after thought . I don’t drink as much tea as I do coffee, but I love good quality teas. But we now have linked up with Suki Teas and we have a really diverse range. Take a look at the link here.

So with all this serious posting time for some fun. In honor of our Brazil coffee take a look at this, I laughed for at least and hour, and even now its making me smile. If you enjoy that one take a look at this one, poor Norway.

The one problem with these cartoons, I have trouble saying either of these great coffee nations without singing the songs. Welcome to my childish world.

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  1. Damnit, the tunes, the tunes …. I listened to ‘Kenya’ again whilst on the site and that one always seriously stuck in my mind. Aaaaargh :0

  2. Could it be that you can read my mind? Jasmine tea loose leaf white? Makes me think of synchronicity …

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