New Coffee's, again….

We have received two new coffee’s and one of which will be the final piece of the jigsaw for a very special espresso blend we have been working on. The first is a Peru organic decaffeinated. We have been working hard for our decaf customers to find the best this area has to offer.We have also received the Brazil cup of excellence lot. This lot represents a lot to Has Bean and to me. We have been a supporter of the program for a while, but as a micro roaster we have not been able to buy a whole lot as its a very big investment. But this represents out first ever entire lot of coffee. Nobody else in the world will be able to sell this farms coffee with the cup of excellence seal of approval on it. But to add to this in the cup it is awesome espresso and awesome filter and an essential part of blend that we have been planing for quite a while. I cant wait for you to try it both as a single origin and as a blend.

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