The last of our new season cup of excellence coffees for you to enjoy this time from Guatemala

I always enjoy cup of excellence lots, a chance to look at new and exciting farms and coffees. A chance to speed date if you like.

This one came in at 23 this year, but not sure why. For my tastes should have placed much higher up the rankings.

Anyway you can buy it here


This farm, surrounded by mountains and volcanoes, is located on the road to San Juan del Obispo, Sacatapéquez, Antigua Guatemala. Its current owner is Lucia Zelaya de Asensio.

The farm was founded as Santa Clara, around 1908 by Mr. Luis Pedro Aguirre Matheu, great grandfather of Mrs. Zelaya. Some years later the farm was managed by Mr. Ricardo Zelaya Aguirre, father of Mrs. Zelaya, who learned from his father the experience to manage a coffee farm. After Mr. Zelaya death, Santa Clara was managed by his son Mr. Ricardo Zelaya Andrade, with the same traditional techniques to cultivate, process and produce high quality coffee.

La Soledad stands at 1860 masl over sea level. It has a rich soil and special microclimate that gives great characteristics to this coffee. Shade trees are pruned every year, to get the correct amount of sunshine, which influences the characteristics of a good quality coffee. Our coffee is processed in Santa Clara or in Bella Vista wet mill and is sun dried.

In the cup this is so creamy, so creamy in mouthfeel, texture and taste. It has a delicious silky milk chocolate taste, with the acidity of a sweet green apple, but you cant get away from the mouthfeel that is so dominant. This is a special cup of coffee

Farm: Carmona
Farmer: Carmona, S. A.
City: Antigua Guatemala
Region: Sacatepéquez
Country: Guatemala
Farm Size: 715.00 Hectares
Altitude: 1860 masl
Variety: Bourbon

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