Its that time of year where Brazil begins to come back. We have a few to add in the next week or so, but this is a coffee we have been waiting what seems an age for. Its also one I know that you enjoy.

Small side note, if you have a bean to cup machine, this coffee is amazing, you really should give it a go.

you can buy it here or read about it below

One of our most popular espresso blends has been tweaked, improved and polished some. As part of the blend programme, we thought it was time for Perfetio to have some love.

The blend is made for the espresso machine, nothing has changed there, it’s still that sweet nutty balanced cup it has always been. As espresso it has sweet chocolate notes, as a milk drink the nuttyness increases, and in the brewed style it’s smooth and balanced.

If you have a bean to cup machine this shines as if it was being served from a more traditional machine. It is very forgiving, a wonderful coffee.

In the cup expect body, sweetness and creaminess, chocolate with walnut and a gorgeous finish.

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