We have had a lot of Nicaraguans this year, with good reason, there have been lots of great nicaraguans available this year. This one comes from a new area, and was a late arrival on the cupping table.

So very pleased we found it, you can find it here 

Cesar’s farm, Finca La Unión, extends over a total of 12 hectares at 1,400 – 1,500 metres above sea level. Cesar inherited the farm from his parents in 1970 and set about renovating the farm, re-planting some lots and maintaining others. Finca La Unión is now planted out with a mix of Bourbon, Caturra and Pacas varietals, which grow in the shade of native trees. Cesar is now also embarking on a programme to replant old lots and introduce the Villa Sarchi varietal on La Unión.

The farm employs five permanent workers, a number which rises to between 60 and 80 during picking. The main harvest usually runs from October until January. The cherries are picked by hand when fully ripe and then pulped on the same at the farm’s wet mill. The coffee is then dried in the sun on the farm’s patios.

In the cup expect a plum flesh taste, with a super complex acidity. It reminds me of a fruit crumble and is followed up with a custard creaminess.

Farm: Finca La Unión
Varietal(s): Bourbon, Caturra, Pacas
Processing: Fully washed and sun-dried on patios
Altitude: 1,400-1,500 metres above sea level
Owner: Cesar Julio Zuniga
Region: Nueva Segovia
Country: Nicaragua

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